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Reiki tsm: FAQ

Q. If this teaching already exists in the Usui System, why have I not heard of it before?
I would like to think that others may also have discovered the same or similar teachings as I have done. I have no evidence to confirm this has happened.

Some have explored and shared similar directions, and may even recognise aspects of their own explorations.
tsm remains, until proven otherwise, an original teaching and experiental approach. One unique aspect of tsm has been the creation of a way of transmission of the tsm experience.

tsm is an evolution of the Reiki practice, a new dimension of the practice which has emerged out the practice itself.
Q. Is tsm a new Reiki form?
tsm is not currently considered to be a new form of practice. tsm is being viewed as a process of accessing a deeper, but currently unrecognised, level of teachings that have always existed within the Usui System.

That said, the
tsm experience does point to some differences in the commonly accepted understandings and frameworks of the Reiki practice. It may be, that these differences will lead at some point to the need for a differentiation of tsm as a distinct reiki form. This will be more clear with time.
Q. Is tsm recognised by Lineage Bearers and Founders of different forms of practice?
tsm is not specific to the practice of Usui Shiki Ryoho in which I have my foundations. Nor does tsm need 'recognition' to be a reality. Preliminary experience suggests that the teachings of tsm exist more broadly in various other Usui System forms. Interactions with lineage bearers and founders may take place in time, and may even be a basis for a healing process of its own as an exploration of common roots.
Q. Is tsm only for Reiki Masters?
No. Anyone practising a recognisable form of Usui Reiki at second degree level for one year or more will be considered for the programme. The value in the everyday personal practice is considerable and is the foundation of the tsm process.
Q. I have already taken first and second degree. Do I need to take tsm?
tsm is both teachings and personal practice that build on the practice received in second degree. There is no 'need' to do anything, the choice to take tsm is a commitment to one's own personal practice and healing process.
Q. What are the benefits of tsm?
There are few benefits from tsm without a daily personal practice. tsm is not a theory. It can be experienced and has real life implications.

My experience is that tsm awakens new awarenesses and understandings of the practice that will become evident in daily life. That awareness may be the opening to a renewal of the spiritual focus of the practice, and a deeper experience of the healing aspects of the practice. My expectation is that the benefit will be both personal, and in the larger sense of the practice, as it is known and experienced worldwide.
Q. Is tsm a free teaching?
The short answer is 'No'. The longer answer is that everyone is free to do as I did, to do the practice, to ask the questions, and discover the teachings for themselves. There is a small fee for my guidance and personal time.
Q. Is tsm easy to learn?
tsm is not learned, as in taking a class and 'you're done'! The class room part of the programme is simple and easy, and is a preparation for an introduction to the tsm experience. What is taught may require changes in mindsets and beliefs about the practice and is additional to teachings normally received in a standard second degree class. A process of natural integration is to be expected over time. How long it takes will be uniquely personal.
Q. Will tsm be available online?
Not in its entirety. Module one has the possibility for an on-line teaching which will be explored as an option. What I am calling transmission in the second module is of necessity face-to-face, in person.
Q. Is a certificate awarded on completion?
Yes, A certificate will be given at the completion of each module of the programme.
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