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tsm Programme: Extended Second Degree

The tsm Training Programme

As tsm is experiential in nature, and not an intellectual process, I have turned to the time honoured tools of personal practice and the passage of time. What look like rules are the tools and processes that are part of Reiki practice. Experience shows that these work.

The tsm training programme is comprised of two modules. The modules are of two separate weekends duration.
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Module one is in part a review of what may have been taught in second degree, coupled with guidance on how to practise as an introduction to the teachings and the experience of tsm in module two. Taking module one does not require a commitment to taking module two.
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Module two requires having completed the first module, and personal practice between modules one and two. The time between modules is planned to be six months. An interpretation and experience of what is called the 'master symbol' will be conveyed in module two. One does not become a teacher or Reiki Master as a result of taking this second module.

The programme is available to those with either second degree or master level training, after determining compatibility of the personal form of practice with the teachings that will be given. Compatibility is an issue with regard to conflict with pre-existing beliefs, and teachings received in other forms of Reiki practice.

A time criteria has been set for practice and experience after having taken the standard second degree class to be eligible to take module one. At the time of writing, this time period is one year. Evidence of previous Reiki training will be asked.

A certificate of completion is issued. The tuition fee is $600 per module.
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