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The tsm Story

The memorial stone has been an enduring mystery for myself and others over the years. Scholars and academics have analysed its meanings but these approaches never satisfied a sense for me that the stone was more than just a memorial.

Of all the text that is inscribed on the stone, it was the inscription of the precepts and the wording "the secret method" that held my attention. There is a description of my process with exploring these words on the "
writings" page of this site, an interpretation of the precepts as pointers to the being in the now moment experience. I am not the only one ever to reach that understanding

That question of a secret method, and others, remained unanswered and elusive. I kept on asking the questions, observed the answers that arose to the questions, observed as they changed over time, and I simply continued the practice.

My precepts interpretation proved to be the key that opened to a broader decode of the 'secret'.
tsm is both the decode data and the first steps in the application of the decode.
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Usui memorial stone

If the practice you have satisfies all your needs and feels complete, then tsm is not a 'need to do' exploration. tsm is however a key to a larger dimension of the practice. I doubt that you will be disappointed.
Mark Ruge
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Usui Shiki Ryoho: Four Aspects

On the writings page on this site is a published article of a perspective on the 'Four aspects' that describes a model of their interaction. The aspect called 'Mystic Order' was one that Phyllis Furumoto recognised as being little known but that its expression would find form with time. tsm is such an expression.

A mystery item in what is considered a healing practice is the use of specific symbolic elements.

An Eckhart Tolle story line is, that if you go into the forest with only your mind, all you will see is trees. But if you enter into the stillness of the forest, and the silence between the sounds, the forest is able to give its meaning to you.

My mind went to an approach that might do such a thing with these symbolic elements of the practice, mindful presence in the stillness of the hands-on practice. What might be the meaning that they have to give?

Such experiences came, meanings unexpected, and yet consistent with each other. This clear pattern was the indicator that this was not by chance, that the symbolic elements were the carriers of wisdom teachings within the system.
The Reiki method is not only for curing illness. Its true purpose is to correct the heart-mind, keep the body fit, and lead a happy life using the spiritual capabilities humans are endowed with since birth.
Mikao Usui
The essential take away is that the system of practice as it was translated by Hawayo Takata continues to hold the functionality of an awakening that was embedded in it by its founder Mikao Usui. A method of accessing this functionality has been uncovered.

Following on from the discovery process has been the question of next steps, feeling my way through the experiences, the changed perceptions, the questions and possibilities raised by this experience. New questions arise.

My response has been to return to the basics, to my own personal practice and to await whatever arises as next steps to be recognized.

The story has really only just begun.
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The Reiki Kanji

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